Assignment #9 – ELL Lesson

1. Personally Relevant Way – when the slideshow discusses The Three Estates of France, I would use a very simple game to reveal the three, or have students tell them to each other. This would engage students on their own level, and make the information more personal to them in the moment. Creating a map or chart of the three would be another way to do this, and to add a visual to it.

2. Analogy – when the slideshow discusses The Declarations of the Rights of Man, I would draw an analogy to the rights that the students have, to exemplify the goals and ideas of the concept. I would relate the rights to day-to-day exercises of the rights that they enjoy.

3. Systematic Study – when the slideshow highlights key words like “enlightenment” or “Tax burden”, I would not only have students create a list of these important and bolded words so that they could look up the definitions, but I would also have them use the word in a practice sentence to make sure that they understand them. This would teach the word in multiple methods so that there was a deeper understanding taking place.

4. “School Talk” Session – when the slideshow asks “Why?” concerning how the French military actually served well in wars, I would bring students together so they could come up with theories based on what they read and discuss their ideas together. This would let students teach themselves, and to engage in a conversation around an issue instead of just trying to answer a question.



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