Assignment #10 – Personality Tests


1. Personality Test

I scored high in “Openness to Experience”, which says it means “Imaginative • open-minded • experimental” and “Natural Reactions”, which means “Experiences negative emotional reactions and feelings of anxiety • prone to worry. I scored low for “Extraversion” and “Agreeableness”. I think the results are pretty accurate, but I really disagree with the last one since Agreeableness includes being good-natured, and I don’t have bad thoughts or feelings towards anyone. I see myself as good-natured, but I guess I do agree with the low score for Extraversion since it means outgoing.

2. DISC Test

My two largest areas were Steadiness and Compliance, which says it means I am patient, controlled, and peaceful. My lowest score was for Influence, which says it means I am not fast at developing relationships. I agree a little that it takes a lot of time for me to know my feelings about individual people, but I disagree with it too because once I decide my thoughts on a person (if those thoughts are good) then I think I can be very empathetic to them. I just think I got low on it because it takes a long time to let my feelings decide about people.

If I had to be honest, I don’t put a lot of stock into these kinds of tests, even though I usually agree with the results. I do think they are good tools for making you think about your place in a professional setting, though. It did make me realize that there are ways to operate in those settings even if you aren’t the most social person, since all of the different categories in the tests are, I think, separate but equal. No one is better than any other.


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