Assignment #12 – Roberts


  1. Using a textbook to build lesson plans can be beneficial because it not only gives you a solid foundation of material to build off of, but also because it structures it in a coherent way (often a chronological narrative) Having the information structured this way plays to the ways in which students learn best – starting off simple and then expanding that knowledge outward – so it can help you in building lessons that play off of existing knowledge while “expanding the horizons” of what is being taught. Having information come from other sources poses the risk that the lesson won’t be structured in the most socially efficient way, and that it might pair together pieces of information that students will be unable to see the connection between. Teachers have to remember that content might be important, but even more important is understanding how students learn and how they process information and bridges between information.
  2. The standard I found interesting was the (8-U5.3.1) where it says to address how the Freedman’s Bureau was an early response after the Civil War. We discussed this in a class I had last semester, so that is why I chose it. The question I would pose concerning it is, “How did the goals of the Freedman’s Bureau set the template for African-Americans experiences in American society following the Civil War, and does it have any connections to some of the systemic discrimination that exists today?”

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