Personality Test

  1. I got Advocate. At first I didn’t agree that much with it because I don’t see myself as someone who always wants to make sure people know my beliefs and accept them – that is something I really don’t care about at all, we all have our own beliefs – but then when I read more on it I started to agree with some of it. Basically an Advocate is someone who is private and sensitive to things that happen to them, but also determined and hard-working with some creativity. They are introverted, but have a lot of feeling so it isn’t in a cold or cynical way. It says Advocates succeed in workplaces where they can interact with unique individuals and support them in their pursuits, and fail in jobs where they have to work impersonally on mundane issues like money or numbers. One risk though is that they, as managers, don’t like to ever use their authority, which I can relate to since calling kids out harshly in a classroom is something I am still working on.  Maybe the thing that stuck out to me most is that it said Advocates always worry alot about what is “genuine”, and I relate to that a lot because I have a big dislike for things that are put-on, pretentious, or smug, and a huge attraction for things that come across as genuine and earnest.

2. The strengths with this type are creativity, insightful, and determined. The first two go hand-in-hand I think since creativity in thinking is what lets someone be insightful and find new ways to approach something. This is a very good professional quality, I think (especially as a teacher) because creativity is something other people instantly become engaged in (especially kids) and can offer a better solution to the standard way of doing things. Creativity is also a confidence booster within itself, since I think it is an expression of confidence. If someone with this personality type find it hard to be loud and in-your-face, creativity offers a different avenue for confidence or self-assuredness to come through I think. Determined is another quality that is good in a professional setting, and something that people might not typically associate with shy-er people. Shyness can look disinterested on the outside, but that person might be the one who always arrived to work an hour early, always has everything perfectly laid out and organized, and has spent the previous night planning exactly what they want to do. While sometimes shy-ness can certainly be disinterest, it can also just mean that they are spending alot of time in their own heads hard at work.

3. The weaknesses that I thought were most familiar to this type were being sensitive to criticism, not taking care of yourself enough, and being a private person. The first two I think go hand-in-hand because it is soooo super easy to go out of your way to make sure people are always happy or have no bad feelings to you, which makes it even worse when someone criticizes you because you feel like all of the effort you put into creating a conflict-free zone doesn’t matter. I think isn’t always a strictly bad thing, because there is little criticism that I think cannot be turned into positive construction, however it is a problem because when you get actual criticism it will be harder to shrug off. I can relate to this part because, even though I really don’t care about being a perfectionist or doing well in everything, I don’t like negative feelings between people at all and sometimes criticism sounds more negative then it is meant to. It is hard to know the intentions or tone of the person giving it usually. The third disadvantage is being a private person. This can be a disadvantage in a professional setting, but in a way that is unintentional. I do not think there is anything wrong with being a private person, since it doesn’t mean at all that you can’t be a successful social person when you want to. It just means that you reserve that energy for when it is needed, and you like to be more dialed into yourself when the energy is not needed. Or also that you are surrounded by a kind of social culture that you find it hard to relate to – like if you were somebody at a drunk rave who had no interest in any of that kind of stuff, you would stay a little private just because you can’t relate to the people around you I think. However, the problem with it comes from perception, where other people might view you as unfriendly or angry all the time. It is hard for other people to know intentions, and private can translate as upset if you aren’t careful I think.


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