Hi, I’m Adam!


Hi! My name is Adam, and this is some information about me. I am a current MSU student who holds a B.A. in English (and Religious Studies Minor) and is pursuing a second B.A. in History Education with a Social Studies Endorsement.  I have enjoyed my time at MSU greatly, and it has given me the ability to engage with a diversity of people – be it volunteering at a local family homeless shelter or serving an internship at VETP by tutoring International students in conversational English.

tAs for my interests, I really enjoy drawing (like my doodles for this site) and writing. I would love to write a book someday, and illustrate it. I am also a big movie fan, and have an interest in pretty much anything creative or artistic. These things matter to me. It isn’t only that I find them fun or that I enjoy them, but I also think that they are great forms of expression for people who have trouble expressing themselves in the normal ways. Since many students might find themselves in this position, I think these things can form viable educational tools.


If I could live in any time period other than today, I would pick the 1910/20’s so that I could witness the real birth of cinema (as we know it today).




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